Session 10: 7 January 2022

Modernise your Sales Approach with Hybrid Selling

Modernise your Sales Approach with Hybrid Selling

When it comes to hybrid selling, are you;

  • Struggling to identify the body language of the key players?
  • Frustrated by distractions during the sales process?
  • Concerned your prospects are suffering from technology fatigue?
  • Unable to conduct effective demos or site tours?
  • Scrambled by the challenges presented by having to balance live and remote communication?

In this workshop you’ll discover: 

  • Why embracing the benefits of virtual and in-person selling can produce more impactful and profitable sales presentations
  • How to maximise your sales teams’ productivity in today’s hybrid selling world
  • How to strike the right balance and achieve the ideal customer experience
  • Why only 20% of clients said they want to return to in-person sales

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