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This industry has some of the best salespeople out there, but finding the time, materials and budget to train can be a challenge. At Superstat we are uniquely placed to be able to take advantage of economies of scale in order to offer monthly, online training sessions designed to people sell more effectively, make more money and ultimately achieve their business goals.

Many sales people are naturally keen to be the best they can be. Taking place for one hour per month over 12 months, we will bring people together to learn, share problems and inspire each other, under the direction of our tried and tested training partner – Sandler Training.

Open to Everyone

Sandler Training is a sales approach that is life changing for many sales professionals. So we decided to make this available to everyone giving you the opportunity to join in and experience the power of Sandler Training for yourself.

What we'll cover

1. How To Sell More Using The Power of LinkedIn

This session will help you identify prospects faster and start more sales conversations. Learn the attitudes, behaviours and techniques of today’s top social sellers.

  • How to efficiently search and find relevant prospects that will increase the growing value of your pipeline.
  • How to initiate welcoming connections with both gatekeepers and decision-makers
  • How to drive engagement and increase relationships through productive, digital conversations.1. 

2. 21st Century Prospecting – How To Build a Prospecting Plan for Successful Sales

How to build a powerful prospecting plan that uses the right technology resulting in a predictable number of high quality appointments.

In the session you will learn:

  • A comprehensive system for creating and using a personalised business development plan that delivers.
  • Guidance on identifying the right behaviours, attitudes, and techniques for making a top-of-mind impact in your market.

3. Dealing With Stalls and Objections and Close the Sale

  • How to deal with typical stalls and objections 
  • How to get the prospect to close themselves

4. Selling on Your Terms – A Proven System for Negotiating

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The difference between selling and negotiation
  • Eight sources of leverage for every situation
  • Seven common mistakes amateur negotiators make
  • Twelve buying tactics that add pressure to salespeople
  • A proven playbook for negotiating concessions

5. The Art and Skill of Sales Psychology

  • How to avoid communication and head games to prospect more effectively.
  • How to create a safe environment for your salespeople to succeed and fail.
  • Why questioning strategies can eliminating your prospect’s fears and improve results.

6. Thawing Your Cold Call – No Pressure Prospecting

The prospect of cold calling fills most people with fear – fear of rejection, fear of talking to strangers, fear that it won’t work … the list goes on.

In this fast paced session you’ll learn the exact formula to remove the anxiety from cold calling and ensure you generate positive results.

7. Social Prospecting

In this session you’ll learn how  to use social media networks in your prospecting activities to find suspects and qualify prospects. You’ll discover the process to effectively use social media to:
  • Identify Target Accounts
  • Search for Suspects
  • Listen for Opportunities
  • The 5-3-1 rule for increased engagement
  • Cold messaging
  • And more

8. How to Sell Despite Supply Chain Issues

Join us as we reveal the 6 steps to success when selling through supply chain delays.

Attendees will learn actionable steps on how to proactively manage the challenges with dependable solutions so you can continue to meet your quarterly expectations.

The webinar is for business leaders, sales managers, and salespeople who are:

  • Witnessing constant delays and increases in costs
  • Having a hard time meeting customer expectations
  • Seeing a negative impact on their bottom line as a result of inventory issues

9. Goal Setting Success

Setting personal or professional goals can be difficult, but we’re here to help you navigate the process. Join our session to learn how to turn your big dreams into reality.

  • Define your goals and ambitions
  • Set realistic goals you can achieve
  • Learn how to stay committed to the plan
  • Identify processes for accountability and feedback

10. Modernise your Sales Approach with Hybrid Selling

When it comes to hybrid selling, are you;

  • Struggling to identify the body language of the key players?
  • Frustrated by distractions during the sales process?
  • Concerned your prospects are suffering from technology fatigue?
  • Unable to conduct effective demos or site tours?
  • Scrambled by the challenges presented by having to balance live and remote communication?

In this workshop you’ll discover: 

  • Why embracing the benefits of virtual and in-person selling can produce more impactful and profitable sales presentations
  • How to maximise your sales teams’ productivity in today’s hybrid selling world
  • How to strike the right balance and achieve the ideal customer experience
  • Why only 20% of clients said they want to return to in-person sales

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The cost per team is £49/month for Superstat members and £197/month for non-members.