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engaging publications

These publications are created specifically to enable you to engage with and stay connected to customers in a competitive marketplace. 


  • Price Buster
    • Helps you stand out from the crowd; our dealers who currently use this comment on the fact that it is a memorable ‘leave-behind’ piece.
    • Encourages the prospect to email you their core list
    • Highlights low prices on items that your prospect is likely to know the cost of without checking invoices.
  • Office Life
    • Seasonal product and content drive purchases
    • Product ranges are kept short to ensure unnecessary margin is not given away
    • Focus on core and seasonal lines
    • Digital link always kept up to date by the Superstat team
    • Personalise the cover with your logo for an additional fee
  • Select Flyers
    • Fully amendable Word flyers
    • We include a suggested product range, but feel free to swap out with your favourites
    • Drop in with deliveries to showcase other areas of your business
    • Match up your marketing with supporting web banners