Why you should use Linkedin to help your business grow!

linkedin-logoAs the saying goes "people buy from people" in theory your Linkedin page could be one of your greatest sales tools without you even selling a thing.
More often than not Linkedin is used as an online CV, however it could be so much more and even provide you with a great business to business marketing tool. Without costing you a penny.
With this guide and little time and effort you could turn your Linkedin profile in to a lead generation engine.

1. Profile.
This is the most important element on the site, think of your profile as an extention of your business card, making it easy for people to see if you are  exactly what they are looking for.

2. Remember your picture!
No one will recognise you if they can't see your face. The best pictures have solid colour backgrounds with your face as close to the frame as possible, think passport pic with a smile!

3. Probar
The professional headline that appears below is included on every reference about you on the site. so best make it good, right? Many articles state that this should be your job title and company. However, why not try and engage with your audience and tell them why you do what you do, but remember to make your headline easy to understand.

3. Not just a CV
People often make the mistake of just including their work on the profile, however the more activites you include the more humanised your profile becomes. The more actives you add the easier it will be for Linkedin to connect you to others within their network.

4. Connections matter.
Schedule some time every few months to update your contacts on Linkedin.
Would you feel comfortable picking up the phone and speaking to this person? If not, don't add them.

5.SEO benefits.
If your Linkedin page is public search engines like Google and Bing will index it.
Remember to put some time into optimising your summary, using your full name instead of I or me. Add links to websites you would like to highlight, you could also give your profile some link juice by creating a biography page on your website and linking it to your Linkedin profile.