Why email marketing is the best tool for business.

we-send-it-webWe all want to do more with less, and email marketing well and truly ticks that box.  Email is fantastically low budget but with enticingly high returns and guess what, B2B customers actually like it!

‘72% of business customers prefer to receive promotional content via email’
Source: Marketing Sherpa

B2B email marketing has a lot to celebrate. Not only is it about to celebrate its 40th birthday (who’d have thought the first email marketing promotion was sent way back in 1978 to 400 people!) but it has held the top spot as the highest performing marketing channel in terms of ROI for the last ten years. In a changing world where nothing stays the same for long, it’s time to embrace the humble email and put it at the centre of our B2B marketing strategies.

FACT: Email marketing has had the highest ROI for ten years in a row.

So how do our customers, the people we know and love, want to be contacted with the promotional stuff we want them to see?

Guess what?

They want to be contacted by email!

A whopping 72% of all our customers want to hear from us by email. Interestingly the second most popular choice is post at 48%, and then printed magazines and literature, so remember that next time you think twice about whether to send that mailer out. Do it, your customers are loving it!

Email is widely considered to be a professional method of digital marketing in the business world, which probably explains why customers like and accept it so much. In a report by VentureBeat, it stated that business customers feel that social media is for family, and friends and people you care about, funny cat videos even, but not so much for work. People at work expect to receive emails, and when they are well thought out and targeted, they can actually help them do their job more effectively and help their decision-making process.

FACT: Only 12% of people think that social media is an appropriate way to receive B2B messages in the work place.

When was the last time you didn’t check your email? Go on, be honest. Email is with us at our desks, it comes home on the train with us, it watches TV with us on an evening. We’re at it all the time, if you haven’t checked yours in the last three hours, I’m afraid you are probably in a minority.

Putting email marketing into practice.

For further information on planning email marketing request a copy of our Email Marketing fact sheet here.

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