Trade Supply join Approved Supplier Programme

Trade Supply are a compatible Cartridge supplier based in Dublin. Here is the lowdown on the newest member to the programme…


  • Group deal for pricing.
  • They position themselves as not the cheapest in the market but the best quality.
  • Very customer service orientated.


  • 1500 lines in stock available next day.
  • All products are unbranded, which means you can promote it as your own brand.


  • Next day delivery is £2.99 either to you or the customer.
  • Deliveries direct to the customer automatically go with your branded paperwork.
  • All deliveries are sent with a free gift like a big bag of Haribo sweets, which goes down really well!
    Sent from Crawley or Dublin warehouse.
  • Deliveries can be tracked.


  • All cartridges have a 2 year warranty, which also protects the printer, so if a cartridge breaks a printer they will send your customer a new one.
  • They have engineers that are sent out within 1-2 days to fix issues.


  • Free marketing for dealers.
  • Very keen to do blitz days.

Back Office

  • Integrated with Horizon, Prima, Progress and Calidore.