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Why email marketing is the best tool for business.

we-send-it-webWe all want to do more with less, and email marketing well and truly ticks that box.  Email is fantastically low budget but with enticingly high returns and guess what, B2B customers actually like it!

‘72% of business customers prefer to receive promotional content via...

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INsight Sales & Marketing

On any database there are hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to increase business from customers and prospects. These opportunities include everything from people that have stopped spending, to gaps in product areas to low GP accounts. With only so many hours in the day, and only so many messages we can bombard customers with, how...
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Email Top 14 Tips

With open rates for email marketing on the up, there has never been a better time to get your email marketing offering up and running.

Ensuring that campaigns are created and sent out on a regular basis can be very time consuming - and that's where our new service 'Wesendit' comes in!

We can produce each month on your behalf 2 specially selected product campaigns, plus a enewsletter, that feature your branding and contact details, that will be sent out to your customer contacts - a fantastic and cost effective way of keeping in touch with your customers in this rapidly growing area.

Everything that goes out of our studio is tested for spam and uses professionally written HTML that will display on PC, tablet or mobile.

Once set up the stats report will be available, allowing you to see exactly who has clicked through the campaign - enabling you to contact your customers directly, knowing that they have already shown an interest.

To get your email marketing wrapped up in one fell swoop and guarantee that professional, well designed emails will hit your customers inboxes with guaranteed frequency, just give us a call on 0113 391 1100.

If you are producing your own campaigns we have available a pdf of our 'top 14 email tips' which highlights the Do's and Don'ts of this vital marketing tool - just pop your details in the form below and we will send it you!

Superstat launches ‘We send it’

Superstat has launched a new look email marketing service called We send it. As a fully-managed service it provides dealers with highly targeted and relevant communications to their customers, styled to incorporate their branding and pricing. Email marketing is one of the most powerful and immediate marketing channels readily available, enabling dealers to get their messages right...
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