Superstat Managed Social Media Programme Delivering Results

Superstat’s managed Social Media programme is giving dealers the benefits of social media without the headache of having to dream up high quality content themselves.

The service has two tiers. First a dealer can access a social media resource pack containing posts, graphics and blogs for them to use on social media, or they can outsource this to Superstat where everything is done for them.

Marketing Director Karly Haley said: “Social media marketing can be a drain on resources if you don’t use it correctly, it is all about what you post, not how often you post. Creating quality content is a time-consuming skill which can distract dealers from valuable selling time if they are not careful. Dealers are selling office supplies to people at work and we have to remember that and keep it all in perspective. I get worried when I hear of dealers taking on graduates to “do their social media” because it isn’t a resource which dealers need, our service gives them the benefit of social media without having to even think about it.”

Superstat’s Social Media programme ties in with their INsight email marketing and CRM solution or sits as a standalone product, and by working closely with brand owners, they have developed an all-encompassing digital solution designed to engage with the business consumer.

A dealer who recently took up the service had a 1,500% increase in activity through Facebook alone.