Superstat Launch Dealer CRM Solution


Insight Superstat CRM SystemSuperstat has launched INsight, a CRM system aimed at helping dealers unlock the potential of their customers.

The cloud based system which works on tablets and iphones gives dealers, sales managers and sales people a 360-degree
view of each and every customer and prospect allowing them to focus on the right things at the right time.

The system removes the need to run reports or extract data from back office systems and then interpret them by seamlessly integrating this information into one dashboard. The opportunities and threats of each account and prospect are automatically analysed so that the priorities are easily identifiable account by account.

Marketing Director Karly Haley commented: “INsight gives everyone in the business the visibility to know exactly what needs doing that day without the need to spend time trying to work it out. It’s all there for sales people to just get on with what needs doing and it improves productivity by 30%, dealers are loving it.”