Select Pack for 2018 is here!

select-flyer-2018-300Our free Select Pack was a real hit with members last year, showing that sometimes the simplest concepts are the best!

Each flyer is created in Word with eye-catching artwork on the front and a suggested product listing on the reverse, which you can amend depending upon what you want to sell. Each flyer represents a popular area of product you sell including: Technology, Catering, Janitorial, Furniture, Office Essentials, Packaging, Diaries 2019 and Summer.

We've updated the pack to reflect new product listings for 2018 and to support these, we have also created a pack of generic web banners for you to use on your online ordering sites. These are available in the following sizes: 1280x580px, 1200x400px and 560x189px.

Download your copy of the Select Pack for 2018 here.