Taking the Myth series

A connected marketing strategy tying together email, print, social media and customer service is key for a successful campaign but all too often we skip one or two of these out because of commonly held misconceptions. Well we're here to bust those myths for once and for all!


MYTH 104: Printed mailers are forgotten instantly.
FACT: 60% say valued mail keeps your brand top of mind.

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online ordering

MYTH 101: Customers don't buy online.
FACT: Half of all purchases are made online.

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Printed Catalogues

MYTH 102: Catalogues are dead.
FACT: Web platforms are great for ordering, but they can't match the browsability and cross sell factor of a catalogue.

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Customer Service

MYTH 103: My customers need the cheapest price.
FACT: By 2020, great customer service will be more important to B2B customers than price.

Email Marketing

MYTH 105: Email marketing doesn't add up.
FACT: 72% of business customers say they prefer to receive promotions by email.

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Digital Catalogues

MYTH 106: Online catalogues will never catch on.
FACT: Digital subscriptions now outsell single issues three to one.

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