Concise Stories

How are other dealers using their Concise catalogues?

We can talk about the benefits of using Concise all day long (and we do, a lot!) but sometimes it is seeing how your peers are using the catalogue day to day, which can make the most sense. In light of this we'd like to share a few stories we've picked up from talking to our members about how they use their catalogue.

Using Concise for...
Winning back customers

We have one quite proactive dealer who used Concise to win back customers who hadn't ordered for a while. They compiled a list of 100 customers who order now and then but potentially place orders elsewhere depending upon what they need, then sent the Concise catalogue to them with a covering letter (available from Superstat) and within one week of the catalogue hitting desks, that dealer had received 33 orders totalling £4,580.

That was an incredible result and one of the main reasons this catalogue mailout worked was because it acted as a brand recognition tool, reminding the customer that the dealer was there and ready to take an order. So for £3 per copy* plus £1.22 to send out a catalogue, that's a pretty healthy return!

Using Concise for...
Improving rebate

This is a great story about a member who has used the catalogue for a long time to improve their bottom line. This dealer has spent a lot of time encouraging their customers to shop from the Concise so much so that 80% of the product they now sell is from the catalogue. This strategy has two big benefits for the dealer; firstly, they maintain their margin (we bang on about this all the time, so we're sure you've heard this before), and secondly it makes a significant difference to their bottom line as a lot of the products in Concise attract rebate.

The reason this works so well is that it is win-win. Their customers are happy as they get what they need at a good price and the dealer is very much in pocket through rebateable sales - plus he has won an award for business growth, so we think he's probably on to something here!

Using Concise for...
Preventing business from being lost to online retailers

We were in seeing one of our members one day when a call came in from a customer. They were asking for a price on a slow-moving product, and the dealer didn’t know it off the top of his head. Looking through the Big Book he found the product, spent a couple of minutes working out a good price that he thought they'd pay - all while his customer was on hold.

Afterwards we showed him the Concise price to see how it compared and it was almost exactly the same.

This guy was lucky in that his customer called to get a price; not to put down your chat or anything, but how many would take the time out to do that? It’s great if you do have a customer who will call, but more often than not they’ll just go online to check a price, and probably just buy while they are there as it seems reasonable!

The thing is research shows that customers still use catalogues as a reference tool so if you can show them a competitive price that protects your margin while they are browsing, it's a win for them as they can see a good price, and a win for you as you don't lose the business.

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