Avery UltraGrip™ Challenge

Avery UltraGrip™ Challenge

Avery are running a consumer/dealer competition to promote their brand new UltraGrip™ technology and it's one you definitely need to be involved with!


For the Customer

Each customer who buys a pack of UltraGrip™ Avery labels has the chance to win some pretty fantastic prizes when they enter the on-pack code into the customer website www.averyrewardsclub.co.uk matching 3 symbols to win.

For you the Dealer

Each pack of UltraGrip™ labels you sell gives you one entry into the competition to win these fantastic prizes. Just record each sale you make on the Sales Tracker which we will supply you with when you sign up. Submit the tracker on the 10th of the month following the end of a sprint month by email to uk.dealersupport@avery.com (Don't worry, we'll remind you!). Once verified by Avery your entries will be put into the pot and a winner will be drawn one week later on the 17th of the month.

For Sprint month details download a copy of the PDF UltraGrip Dealer Sprint.


  • European sporting trip for two
  • Apple watch Nike Series 4
  • Personalised Nike trainers
  • Sports water bottle
  • Sports backpack
  • Visto beacon light
  • Sports towel in pouch
  • Boost bars


Marketing Support

During sprint months we'll be heavily promoting Avery UltraGrip™ to your customers through our weekly emails and social media posts, web banners on Orderstore and with advertising in our Office Life magazine, so it's an easy one for you to get behind and upsell. When you sign up, we’ll send you a sales script to help your team have the UltraGrip™ conversation plus the sales tracker so you can submit your sales at the end of a sprint month.


What now?

All you have to do is sign up to be involved and we’ll help you do the rest!


The Product - Avery UltraGrip™ labels.

Since 1999, Avery has guaranteed JamFREE™ printing and improved printer performance compared to other label brands.

However, printers aren’t perfect and over time the printer pickup and guide rollers get old and dusty. When this happens, they lose their grip on the sheets of labels which causes labels to slip slightly when going through a laser printer.

This can cause misalignment which is one of the biggest printing frustrations.

What is UltraGrip™?

The aim of UltraGrip™ is to give you absolute confidence that you are putting only the highest quality product through your printers. UltraGrip™ has an instantly recognisable blue strip that only appears on this new range of Avery mailing, parcel and multipurpose labels.

Look for the microdots

By recognising the new blue 3D strip on the top and bottom of the label sheet, consumers will instantly know they are using an Avery product. This gives you reassurance that you are using the latest Avery technology which will improve your printer performance and print alignment.

Each sheet of UltraGrip™ includes detailed printing instructions to make sure your print is right first time to cut down on waste, save money and reduce office frustration.

See and feel the results

You will be able to see, feel and believe the difference in quality when compared with other label brands. Discover a more reliable feed through your laser printer and have confidence you are using an Avery product.

Remember, only genuine Avery laser labels will include this memorable blue pattern which allows printers to perfectly grip the label sheet.