Annual Conference

The Superstat annual conference is an event not to be missed. Described regularly by our members as an event not only to inspire them with ideas for their business, but a great social event, where they can meet with other like-minded professionals and forge and develop lasting business relationships.

Held annually, we address hot topics, industry related issues and opportunities for growth - followed by a packed exhibition, where our vendors present their products and offerings. Finally we round off the evening with an Awards Dinner in the evening, with dancers, music and entertainment.

What people say:

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our dealers and suppliers have to say about our conference…

"Fantastic weekend! Thoroughly enjoyed it, great to meet with Dealers and vendors - Will be there next year!"- James Brown, Mannin Group

"The Superstat Conference is a great mix of business and pleasure where ideas are freely shared between members" - Stuart, Metrik Office

"Due to attending with a different mindset I think that this years was one of the best I have attended. I felt I got more out of it than usual." - Neil, Acorn

"The Superstat conference allows our business to gather the information required to keep up to date in an ever-changing marketplace. It allows us to share and explore ideas with like-minded people and the experience has proved to be an invaluable asset for our business. I'd highly recommend it to any member of Superstat". - Chris, Office specialties

"It's a great opportunity to meet with other dealers and discuss what works for them. It's also ideal to meet with the Superstat team, so you can put a face to the voice on the end of the phone line." - Tricia Dewhurst, Desktop North West

"This was the best show I have attended! Quality leads & presentations, well done superstat!" - Martyn, CTS Toners

"The conference was a great chance to network and create lead opportunities" - Hannah boogie - Watermark.

"Great atmosphere and engagement from the dealers".- Jayne hill, Vecta

If you would like to know more about our annual conference please visit our main Conference page.