Office Life subscription service

Office Life subscription serviceThroughout 2018 we will be changing our membership system to a package based service. This is great news for you as each package will be tailored to the individual dealer and how you use the group. Some are really into our marketing, some are in it for the deal, some require online ordering - there is a lot going on, and we want to make sure you only pay for what you need.

Changes coming up…

Marketing represents a large chunk of that so it is one of the first changes we’ll be making. As of Q1 next year, we will move Office Life magazine onto a subscription based service; we will work with you at the beginning of the year to identify what you need, then payment will be spread out over the year at a reduced cost than what you would be paying if you ordered separately each quarter. We already do this with online ordering and email marketing, so it’s the next logical step to move our paper marketing onto the same system.

Why does our marketing work?

Our marketing is unique in this industry in that our main focus is on brand engagement. It is still supported by brilliant pricing, but our number one aim is to make sure you are front of mind with your customers so when they come to place orders 2, 3 and 4 - you are their go to call. The Office Life magazine is the cornerstone of that. Each quarter we fill it with excellent stories that look at workplace trends, seasonal things that are happening, fun stuff; and it works because it is interesting and is relevant to way more people than a price offer on punched pockets, which a customer will only read if they happen to be in the market for them that day!

Joined up marketing for the year.

Everything we create for Office Life is then run in our email marketing and social media programme, so you can start to see how it is all tied up. Keep this running in the background over the course of the year and you will have achieved what marketing is supposed to do - let your customers know you exist, and that you are their number one choice for workplace supplies and services.