Office Life Q1: What’s New?

Office Life Q1 2018Last week we talked about the changes to how you will purchase our marketing next year and first up for the new treatment is Office Life, which will be moving to a subscription based service. If you didn't catch the news, then catch up here and read on for what you can expect from the first Office Life magazine for 2018...

So, what's new?!

First up, we have a brand new feature called "What You Said" where we gather feedback from your customers (through the competition link) and report our findings. In Q4 we asked your customers 'Do you take a full lunch hour?' and we will publish the results along with a handy infographic in this issue.

We're also launching our theme for the year - Love Your Workplace - which will feature in each issue and will address ways in which we can 'love our workplaces' a little more! From advice to product suggestions and stories, it'll be a lively way to tie the magazine together that your customers will love!

In terms of products, we'll be looking at winter must-haves, new in for 2018, putting together a financial year end survival kit plus all the store cupboard essentials your customers expect from you.

We'll be in touch soon to talk about the new subscription-service but in the mean time if you'd like to place your order for Q1 going forwards, please use the order form link here.

Deadline for Q1 magazine: Friday 24 November 2017.