Marketing packs – have you received yours?

marketing-pack-300pxAt Superstat we are continually looking for areas where we can offer the dealer something different. It can be online-based with our email marketing and online ordering programmes, being the first with new initiatives such as INsight or changing up the rule book in terms of marketing material. Our job is to continually develop what we offer so firstly it fits with what your customers want, and secondly so we can offer you something you won’t find elsewhere.

If you haven’t seen our marketing programme for a while, then we urge you to check out the pack, which should have arrived with you this week. We truly believe our marketing programme is one of the best in the industry; we create new and exciting content every quarter, which is used across all our initiatives, so when you take marketing from Superstat you know you are getting an original and joined up programme that covers every base - paper and digital.

If you haven’t received a pack for whatever reason, please let your account manager know. If you don’t want to take marketing from us that’s no problem at all - we just want to make sure you have all the latest material before you make that decision.