JKL Solutions join the group

JKL Solutions Ltd in Hertfordshire have announced a long-term strategic partnership with Superstat.
Director Nick Miles commented: “We liked what Superstat had to say from the outset especially as their initiatives are there to assist growth and that is what we are looking for. Superstat have already taken on our email marketing and social media, and we won back 3 lapsed customers and received a large furniture order from the first campaign which we were delighted with. We are working with Richard and his team on acquisitions and looking to develop our sales processes using Superstat’s Insight CRM programme.”
Richard Lockley, Sales Director of Superstat said: “JKL are another example of an enthusiastic business looking for growth and are exactly the type of dealer that will benefit from being part of Superstat. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Nick and the team.”