INsight online demo

blinking-eye-300We are hosting the largest ever demo of INsight, our CRM and automated marketing tool, on Friday 23 March @ 2pm, and you are invited!

Quite simply INsight is changing the way our members do business. From managing, training and developing sales teams to knowing what to talk to customers about, INsight maximises the potential of your team and the customer data you hold.

Trying to talk about its benefits over the phone, or in an email is ok, but seeing the tool in action is where we’re finding members are really understanding how the tool can work in their business.

The demo will last for around 15 minutes and using the INsight online dashboard, we will show you what information you can access about a customer, and how instantaneous it is; how you will know what to talk to a customer about; and how to identify sales opportunities while you are on the phone so you can have that conversation there and then.

The demo is an overview of the most popular features. INsight has far more ammo up it’s sleeve, which we can talk to you about in a more detailed demo should you wish to book one after the event.

To book your online space on Friday 23 March @ 2pm, please email
You will receive a reminder and details of how to log in, just before the event.