GDPR: Free Statement Template


GDPR statement

When it comes to GDPR, there are two things you need to do right now. Firstly, as the GDPR deadline looms, you will get asked by your customers/suppliers if you have a GDPR statement. We have created a free template for you to personalise, which will help cover yourself. Secondly, if you market to your customers/prospects (e.g. through email, posting mailers, etc.) then you MUST determine whether you can continue to do so. We’ve made this very simple - five questions, which will indicate whether your activity can be classed as ‘legitimate interest’ (i.e. OK), or not.

GDPR Workbook

We have also produced a GDPR Workbook which has been designed to help your own business be GDPR compliant in how you handle staff and customer data. Read the full story here.

All of this material is completely free and designed to help you become compliant, please request your copy from Our business development team are here to help you fill out these workbooks/statements - if you need any assistance please give them a call on 0113 391 1100.