Free GDPR Workbooks

gdpr-logo-300pxWith all the hype surrounding GDPR it is no wonder there are so many misconceptions out there. If you have read anything at all on the subject you will probably have been left wondering what exactly it is that you are supposed to do, and how you are going to do it.

Many new businesses have sprung up offering advice, support and accreditations all for a nice tidy fee, while others continue to frighten the life out of people making them think that they are going to get huge fines if they dare to send an email to a customer.

At Superstat we have investigated the GDPR minefield, cut through the legal speak, removed all the jargon and created a free workbook just for office supplies dealers that is relevant to your business. Our guide is simple, easy to understand and will give you everything that you need to do to pass the GDPR test.

In one succinct work book it contains:

  • GDPR and what it actually means, in English
  • The 10 things you really must do, and how to do them
  • 3 simple “audit” workbooks to complete to make sure you have ticked all the boxes you need to
  • Sales opportunities for you to talk to your customers about

  • To get your free copy, just email with your name, company name and email address.

    We are also offering a help line for members to get help and advice to complete their workbooks, all of our business development team are fully trained to be able to give you the advice you need so if there is something you want to ask just call us on 0113 391 1101.