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With open rates for email marketing on the up, there has never been a better time to get your email marketing campaigns working.

Our email marketing solution lets you send weekly product emails to your database plus a monthly newsletter. All emails come with your own landing pages for whichever ecommerce system you have, so that customers click through to the exact product they are interested in on their website.

Everything that goes out of our studio is tested for spam and uses professionally written HTML that will display on PC, tablet or mobile.

To get your email marketing wrapped up in one fell swoop and guarantee a professional, well designed email will hit your customers inboxes every week give us a call on 0113 391 1100 and we will talk you through what’s available.

We have available a pdf of our 'top 14 email tips' which highlights the Do's and Don'ts of this vital marketing tool - just pop your details in the form below and we will send it you!

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