Interview – Jon Banger



SS: Hi Jon, it’s safe to say you have been a long term supporter of our marketing over the years. Can you tell us the role Marketing plays in your business?

JB: We are a small business and quite simply, we don’t have the manpower to be out knocking on doors everyday! For that reason, marketing for us is really about creating awareness and building the Woods brand. We want to be the first name people think of when they need office supplies in our area.

SS: What marketing do you do in order to achieve that?

JB: The majority of the marketing we do is from the Superstat programme. We use the Concise catalogue and support that with the Office Life magazine once a quarter and weekly emails using their managed email programme. We also do our own material as and when something interesting comes up in Click n Print or through the Brilliant Partner scheme.

SS: You mentioned email marketing, which I know you’ve had success with. Why is this working particularly well for you?

JB: The key is getting our name out there. It’s great if we get a sale directly from an email marketing campaign - and we do - but the chances of an email hitting the inbox of someone needing a specific product at that time is slim, so the content in these emails focuses on engagement on a wider level (through stories and promotions that appeal to a wider audience) - and if engagement is high, then awareness is better and we achieve what we set out to do. A good example of this came from a prospect we spoke to recently who asked for a quote on their office supplies on the back of an email they had recently received from us. It’s these kinds of little hits that help to build our brand in the mind of both customers and prospects.

SS: How has the Superstat marketing programme helped your business?

JB: The benefit really from taking Superstat marketing is that it frees me up to get on with running my business. With the best intentions in the world, I could start doing my own email marketing, miss it one week, struggle for something to write about the next then have a busy period and it’ll get pushed to the bottom of the pile, and next thing you know, we’ve not sent an email out for two months. Knowing Superstat are managing it, and material is going out every week is crucial for us in achieving our marketing objectives outlined earlier. It’s something I’m sure many small businesses will identify with. We don’t have the resource to create and manage consistent marketing ourselves, so outsourcing is essential if we want our customers to know we exist. As a business, you do have to make compromises, but failing to get our name in front of customers means awareness is lower and we make less money, which is something most small businesses can’t compromise on or they wouldn’t be here!

SS: And finally, what are your future plans for marketing Woods?

JB: The next step for us is to start exploring individual customers’ shopping habits on a more detailed level. Being able to target our marketing on the back of that information will allow us to be far more sophisticated in our approach. At the end of the day our objective will always will be to maximise awareness of Woods and what we sell, and this next step will help us push that to a higher level.

SS: Thank you for your time Jon, we always love a good chat about Marketing and we look forward to working with you on those next steps!