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Case Study:

Tying a customer into your business with our Approved Supplier programme.

Why it works:

Another reason for your customer to stay plus you earning on-going commission* for each lead you pass on.

The background

We often get asked about ways to tie in a customer further. If a customer just buys office stationery from you, they are open to competition from any number of suppliers who may be offering a cheaper price. Tie that customer in with other office based services, such as print and mailing, MPS or providing a recycling scheme and suddenly it is a little bit harder for them to leave you and go somewhere cheaper. Being able to fulfil all of their office needs is win-win, it is much simpler for your customer to order all of their office needs from one place and by making yourself indispensable to that client, it’s a lot harder for them to go elsewhere!

We are building a directory of all of our direct deals with different types of suppliers so you can offer these services too - this will be ready in due course - in the mean time though read on for how one office supplies dealer had success with a Print and Mailing supplier - RNB Group - who are on our books.

Spotting the opportunity

Officetech Supplies have been working with the RNB Group since 2016. RNB Group offer a GDPR compliant (all data is received, processed, stored and destroyed under new guidelines) print, fulfilment and mailing service and due to their size, the economies of scale mean that for them to print a letter, stuff it and post it, will generally cost less than the postage alone if you chose to do it yourself! It’s an attractive proposition, especially for companies who are sending out regular mailings and Officetech spotted the opportunity early on. After visiting the RNB operation and getting an idea of which types of clients to target, Officetech went away and started calling those customers and prospects.

Good tip here: Officetech kept envelopes sent to them that had been franked in-house - depending upon the size of the company in question, this is a pretty hot lead to contact!

One such letter had been sent to them by a furniture manufacturer based in the north of England. This company sent out a quarterly newsletter and brochure to 1,000's of contacts on their database. Each quarter they would order the newsletters and brochures to be printed and delivered to their offices. Once received, the sales team would break away from sales duties for a couple of days, form a production line and start stuffing envelopes, franking them and getting them ready for posting. As you can imagine this is a time consuming process, not to mention the lost labour while the sales team got on with fulfilment!

The offer.

Officetech got in touch with this company, introducing the service RNB Group provide. A couple of initial quotes for the work immediately showed that the cost for RNB doing everything was less than they were previously paying for postage alone! This included printing the brochures and newsletters, printing and personalising a letter, buying and printing envelopes, fulfilment (stuffing the envelopes) and postage - the whole job for less than the postage charge alone. And the sales team now spend all of their time selling…

Win for the customer, win for you.

The furniture company benefited by saving a lot of time and money, and Officetech benefit by receiving an on-going commission from RNB Group each time the customer books in a mail out job, without them having to do a thing!

*Earning Commission with RNB Group.

Most print and mailing campaigns are bespoke with commission pre-agreed as a percentage of the sell price, a percentage of postage profit or a combination of both. The more packs that are sent, the more on-going commission will be paid.

More information.

If you'd like to find out more about what services we have in our Approved Supplier Programme, please contact a member of the Business Development team on 0113 391 1100.

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