2018 Conference – we want your input!


This year’s conference is all about ‘Shaping Your Future’ and a big part of us being able to help you achieve that, is by breaking down the obstacles in your workplace that are holding you back. Do any of the statements below sound familiar? Please check all that apply. Your responses today will help us plan meaningful business sessions, designed to give you maximum help in shaping the future of your business.

  • I never have time to sell.
  • I don’t think I am getting enough from my existing customers.
  • I have too many small orders.
  • I get new customers and then lose them.
  • I feel I need to explore new markets.
  • I am concerned about my margin decreasing.
  • It is challenging to get in front of new customers.
  • I don’t feel I am getting the most from my sales team.
  • I have no-one to send out marketing.

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