Monthly Archives: November 2015

TOP 10 Tips for Successful Online Ordering

With a competitors offering just a few clicks away, having a smooth ordering process is essential to ensure you complete that all important sale. If your online orders aren’t quite where you’d hope they would be, take a look at these top ten tips to help reduce customer effort. No matter how much a potential customer...
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Now is the time to embrace technology

Tech is a huge opportunity staring dealers in the face, but as a channel we seem reluctant to venture into the world of technology. In fact many dealers would rather it not be there. I know this because I recently conducted an independent survey of a number of dealers and asked what their response would...
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New Supercharged web stores

Our online ordering platforms Orderstore and OPO are now using the industry’s best-in-class product content thanks to our relationship with Open Range. With this, dealers benefit from a web store that's up-to-date, content rich, and that features the latest offers and promotions. Open Range supplies product content in a single, standardised database format, for all the products,...
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