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Concise Stories

How are other dealers using their Concise catalogues?

We can talk about the benefits of using Concise all day long (and we do, a lot!) but sometimes it is seeing how your peers are using the catalogue day to day, which can make the most sense. In light of this we'd like to share a...

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On any database there are hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to increase business from customers and prospects. These opportunities include everything from people who have stopped spending to gaps in product areas to low GP accounts. With only so many hours in the day, and only so many messages we can communicate, how do we...
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Digital Catalogue

Each customer has a quite unique browsing preference; some like online, some prefer flipping through a catalogue, and some like to do both! A digital catalogue offers a combination of the two: the ability to flick through an online version plus for OPO and Orderstore customers, the option to build a basket then checkout through...
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Taking the Myth series

A connected marketing strategy tying together email, print, social media and customer service is key for a successful campaign but all too often we skip one or two of these out because of commonly held misconceptions. Well we're here to bust those myths for once and for all!
MYTH 104: Printed mailers are forgotten instantly. FACT: 60% say valued mail...
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