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Conference 2018


How do you want your business to look in the coming years? There are many opportunities open to you and this year’s conference will help you to profit from what’s on offer. But being aware of the opportunities in front of you is just part of the process, your business needs to be able to move forward in order to capitalise on them. We’ll pay particular attention to the pain points that are holding you back and suggest ways of removing them making your business both healthier and stronger, and ready to take on your plans for the future.

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Summary of the day

Morning: Group Workshop
Morning: Business Sessions
Lunch: Buffet in the hotel
Afternoon: Vendor Exhibition
Afternoon: Dealers Live
Evening: Dinner + Awards Ceremony


Morning: Group Workshop

Details coming soon.


Morning: Business Sessions

In order to help us focus the content we deliver in the business sessions, we’d like to know what’s really holding you back. Do any of the statements below sound familiar? Please let us know which rings true for you.

  • I never have time to sell.
  • I don’t think I am getting enough from my existing customers.
  • I have too many small orders.
  • I get new customers and then lose them.
  • I feel I need to explore new markets.
  • I am concerned about my margin decreasing.
  • It is challenging to get in front of new customers.
  • I don’t feel I am getting the most from my sales team.
  • I have no-one to send out marketing.

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Business Session 1: New Markets Masterclass

Based on feedback to date, the first of our group sessions has been confirmed and we are delighted to announce that we will be focussing on practical steps to accessing new markets. We will work through the different types of markets, their potential worth and how to tailor your sales processes to suit their individual requirements. To support this, we’ve teamed up with vendors in our approved supplier programme to ensure they continue this message and offer you real, practical advice in tackling these new areas.

If you want the shape of your future to be profitable, then new markets must really be on your agenda, and this session is about helping you do that, with confidence.

Business Session 2: 'Digitising' Made Simple

Going digital in the office is hot news at the moment; in this session we’ll be taking a critical look at the processes we’ve worked with for years and seeing where moving to a more digital minded way of working can improve our business. In this industry, marketing is one such area where digitising processes can make a real difference. Cost efficient, targeted and with the opportunity to engage at a more meaningful level, digital marketing will save you both time and resource. Come along to this session, and learn how to digitise your marketing with ease.

Afternoon: Exhibition

Along with the business sessions, the annual exhibition forms the heart of our Conference. Part of our job as a dealer group is to help make new markets accessible to our dealers and in order to make that happen, we need to help you understand the new products that are driving change. The best way to do that is to bring you face to face with the vendors themselves!

Our approved suppliers live and breathe the products they sell. They know who to target, what opportunities to look out for and how to start a conversation with a new customer and it is this knowledge we've asked them to share with you. So grab a notebook, take your sales team (if you can) and get ready to learn from the experts about expanding your product portfolio.

Afternoon: Dealers Live!

The afternoon will finish with a short Q&A session with some of our members who have started making inroads into removing their paint points - it’s inspirational stuff, and well worth a listen!
More details to follow soon.


Wednesday Evening: Informal drinks in the bar from 7.30pm. Just head down to the main bar for a drink, bar meals are available or you can eat in the main hotel restaurant, booking is advisable.

Thursday Evening: Dinner and Awards. Enjoy an informal meal then find out who the lucky winners are from this year's Awards ceremony.


There is an early bird pricing structure in place, please see the booking form for details. The Early Bird offer ends on Friday 29 June 2018. If you wish to stay at the hotel, accommodation information can be found on the booking form too.

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Who can come?

Part of what we do as a group is to help your sales team progress too, therefore our invitation is extended to any members of your team you’d like to bring along.