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INsight online demo

blinking-eye-300We are hosting the largest ever demo of INsight, our CRM and automated marketing tool, on Friday 23 March @ 2pm, and you are invited!

Quite simply INsight is changing the way our members do business. From managing, training and developing sales teams to knowing what...
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Free GDPR Workbooks

gdpr-logo-300pxWith all the hype surrounding GDPR it is no wonder there are so many misconceptions out there. If you have read anything at all on the subject you will probably have been left wondering what exactly it is that you are supposed to do, and how...
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Price Smoothing Exercise

price-smoothingWe’re sure many of you have come across versions of a product being priced differently. A red biro could easily have a different price to the blue one and to the green one - all based on popularity, and commendable for eking out every little penny...
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