Metrik Office Supplies Interview



SS: Hi Stuart, firstly can we say you have quite an active social media feed! Can you tell us about the strategy underpinning what you do?

SC: We use social media primarily for building our brand in the local area; we’re part of quite an active network of companies and by sharing and liking each other’s posts we’re all helping to build awareness across our different follower groups. We use it to better understand out customers too; seeing what they post/engage with and listening to their concerns about work life in general means we’re better able to provide them with a meaningful solution.

SS: Research suggests that customers who engage with you on social media have greater loyalty to the company. Has this been your experience?

SC: Yes, absolutely. The opportunity to offer personalised responses opens up a two-way conversation that, when positive (or resolved), a customer will come back to again. It’s our chance to show we are trustworthy and we put a lot of effort into making sure customers are left satisfied.

SS: You mentioned boosting visibility of the Metrik brand in the local area. Can you tell us about how you do that?

SC: We manage this in a couple of different ways. Firstly we like and repost material from other businesses in the area (and they do the same for us). This opens Metrik up to new customers where an endorsement from a company they know/deal with already means we are not going in completely cold as we would have done in the past when prospecting. We also share our own material which is a mix of topical content (which we get from Superstat) and posts from our own team, which helps give our brand personality. For example one day we’ll be posting material about our favourite Out Of Offices, and the next it might be one of our employees receiving ‘employee of the month’ status. Making sure our customers engage with this is a bit like putting a weekly call into them reminding them you are there and ready to take their order.

SS: Finally, what advice would you pass on to someone considering using social media for their business?

SC: The potential for social media in a business sense is vast - the trick is to pick and choose the aspects that work for your business. For us, it’s about utilising the networking aspect of the tool to build our brand. People are often put off by not knowing what to post too, in which case I’d recommend the INsocial service from Superstat as a starting off point. Our reach went from 22 to 689 in one week after using the service, so worth it for that alone!

Knowing relatable content is going out every week frees you up to think about how you can support and build on that with your own material. And finally, understand that it is a continually developing medium and allow yourself to be experimental and have fun with it!

SS: Thank you for your time Stuart!

Read more about our social media posting service - INsocial - here.